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Julia Conklin is registered with The FPC (Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling) The BAPC and The UKCP (Uk Council for Psychotherapy). She is currently offering Psychotherapy and Counselling in Holborn and Rye, East Sussex.

"For the best chance of insight and permanent change, Psychodynamic therapy or "depth therapy" is my preferred choice.

It works to achieve maximum change in the individual. Unlike CBT, the therapy I offer uproots difficulties at the deepest levels rather than "tidying you up" at the surface.

However, if you have a specific type of therapy in mind please be in touch and I will be happy to help. I am currently the Practice Director of a Private Group of Therapists, "The Health Dynamics Associates" in The City. The team offers a wide range of techniques.

I myself have many years experience in a very broad range of difficulties and I am currently available to help new clients.

I will create a safe, open and non-judgemental space for you. Our sessions are held in comfortable and private rooms and are strictly confidential.

Once we have met and we feel we would like to work together, we commit to meet weekly for a duration of 50 minutes. The therapy is open-ended which means we work together for as long as you feel is right for you. Some people stay working with me for a few weeks, some stay for years. Everyone is different."

Many people find this deep level of therapy enlivening, enriching and profoundly life changing.

Insurance & Fees

Service Provider for Axa PPP, Aviva, BUPA, Vitality, Cigna and other medical insurers.

My aim is to be progressive and socially responsible, my fees are reflective of this.

London fees are £95.00 for 50 minute sessions.

Fees in Rye are £80.00 for 50 minute sessions.

Professional Standards

I work to a strict code of Ethics set by my governing bodies (with full professional indemnity and public liability insurance).
Clinical Supervision is regularly undertaken, along with extensive Professional Development.

I am a service provider for Axa PPP, Aviva, BUPA, Vitality, Cigna and other medical insurers.


Need to talk?

Face-to-face & virtual sessions now available.

Staple Inn
7 Grays Inn Road
High Holborn



Tel: 07886 201402

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