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Talk... Insight... Understand...

Power... Change... Heal

Could a Counsellor or Psychotherapist help you?

It takes courage to look at ourselves.

Perhaps it would be easier to look away, to push painful things far from our minds.

Can we escape ourselves? Can we hide from meaning?

When we do, we might find ourselves asking,
"What is this discomfort?"
"What is this unthinkable dread?"
"What does this haunting dream mean?"

We can lock pain away so tightly in our cells that we can make ourselves ill. Just as we have the power to make ourselves uniquely unwell, we have the power to heal ourselves.

For the best chance of insight and permanent change, Psychodynamic therapy or "depth therapy" is my preferred choice. It works to achieve maximum change in the individual. Unlike CBT, the therapy I offer uproots difficulties at the deepest levels rather than "tidying you up" at the surface. However, if you have a specific type of therapy in mind please be in touch and I will be happy to help. I am currently the Practice Director of a Private Group of Therapists, The Health Dynamics Associates, in The City. The team offers a wide range of techniques.


Therapy is also available by Skype (or other virtual communication tools) where meeting in person is not possible.

Need to talk?

Face-to-face & virtual sessions now available.

Staple Inn
7 Grays Inn Road
High Holborn



Tel: 07886 201402

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